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Anybody know how to get rid of scaly skin?

I went on accutane about 5-6 years ago, and ever since I went off it, I've had this scaly, bumpy, alligator-like skin on my lower cheeks and all under my chin.

Another thing is that I don't grow a lotta facial hair except for on my upper lip and on my chin. There's also like one place on my lower cheek where this one small piece of hair grows out. It's that same area on my lower cheek where all those scaly bumps are. It's so weird, especially shaving in that area, I just shave that one hair. I don't grow hair under my chin either, where all the rest of the bumps are.

Anybody know what these bumps are or how to get rid of them? I've had them for like forever, and they don't seem to go away. I'm wondering if maybe hair is growing underneath those bumps trying to get out. I've tried exfoliating with baking soda and vinegar, but I haven't seen any effect so far...

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You might want to look into trying a treatment like the one below from Paula's Choice. It works great on men as a post-shaving treatment to keep the skin smooth and supple. I have also included the link below, just go to the products section. HTH!

*Misty :D/

Skin Relief Treatment

All Skin Types - 4 oz.


Paula's Choice Skin Relief Treatment is an indispensable product for men or women. It works to immediately soothe skin and eliminate the inflammation caused by shaving or other methods of hair removal. Skin Relief Treatment contains stabilized aspirin, which is an effective topical agent that can alleviate most forms of skin irritation. It also contains willowherb and green tea, two potent anti-irritants that further help normalize and heal skin.

Skin Relief Treatment is in a light liquid base that provides post-shaving comfort from head to toe. This formula can also be used to soothe minor skin irritations resulting from insect bites, contact dermatitis, and redness from blemishes. It can be used as often as needed, and is completely irritant-free.


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