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Lol, I was just thinking about the scientific way I, and many others here I bet, are approaching acne. When I see a spot on my face I look at it from all sorts of angles and then I make a scientific guess how long it will take to go away, or how long it'll take for a whitehead to form. I also know exactly when I can pop it (basically when the spot doesn't hurt anymore, but this also depends on its place) and how long it'll take for the initial redness after popping will subside. That's just sick and it shows how much acne is controlling my life. I bet that the people on this board can form some sort of think tank about acne, and the emotional/psychological effects of it.

I'm tired of having to worry about my skin when I make appointments. I hate making appointments a week ahead: I can never tell what my skin looks like at the time of the meeting. I prefer to plan one day ahead so I have less insecurity. There are of course some people that you see everyday, like your parents, or in my case, my GF. I hate to go see her if my face is broken out. I can't be myself then. I have told her about the psychological effect that acne has on me, but I don't think she fully understands.

In a month or so, I'm probably going on some sort of student society camp where you're not allowed to wash and stuff. This means no mirrors as well, so when my face looks like shit with lots of whiteheads around, I can't pop them...it'll be disgusting for other people to look at me then. I'm so worried about this. I'm just praying that my face will look allright when I'm going on that camp.

Sigh... Acne is holding me back from doing the stuff I want to do. Even though my acne isn't even that bad: on most days it's mild, on others moderate. But I have suffered from severe acne and I think that the emotional scars haven't healed, nor do I think that they ever will.

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Oh man I hate it to spend the night somewhere else to. Well hate? I would love it if i had clear skin but my face just won't allow it. I always have to remove whiteheads at the end of the day. It sucks

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Have you thought about taking some premoisted facial towlettes to camp? I use them when I go camping followed by oxy pads or stridex.

Ponds, Olay, and Noxzema all make cleansing cloths. I use the Ponds because no water is needed. You just wipe your face and dispose of them. Then I use Oxy or Stridex pads to help cut through the oil and deep cleanse the pores. (Don't forget to also use sunscreen.) You can find all of these products at Walgreens, Walmart, or just about any pharmacy.

If you're a dude and don't want anyone seeing you use Ponds cause it seems too much like a girls product, then put a few in a ziploc baggie.

Just a suggestion. Hope this helps! smile.gif

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