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Hello all,

How are you doing? All fine I hope. Here's my dilemma. So my acne isn't bad as it was a couple of years ago. However, I am doing worse psychologically. I think the acne is tormenting me, teasing me like it's going away but it's not. It's like "HAHA! Dost thou thinketh me gone?!! NEVER!!!" It's really hurting my relationship also. And I'm ever so conscious about it because I am in retail and it's hard to meet new people everyday. I just worry about it so much I think I'm going insane! What should I do? Do you think a trip to the derm is in order? I went to him before and he said that it wasn't that bad, that accutane was for more serious cases. But isn't my case serious when I can't even concentrate on anything and I constantly think about my face and how I look? It's prevented me from doing so much already.

Moreover, I am suffering from extreme fatigue. I get all dizzy and my muscles ache something fierce. It's not that I'm not exercising either. I was a very active person who swam 50 laps daily and is a ballet dancer. I took B5 for one week back in 2002. I've never been the same. I've gotten worse. I can't tell if it's the B5 or effects from a two month course of accutane or do you think it's just plain depression from everything?

Please help. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

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