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covering red marks? HELP!

Hey there I am now completely acne free but still have many red marks that seem to be fading incredibly slowly. Anyways in the next few weeks i have some weddings and a family reunion to attend and I am wondering what the best way to cover them are so I can have some confidence. I only have access to make-up in Shopper's drug mart or Walmart and stuff like that due to time. Any tips or kinds that are best? It would be good if it is a routine that won't take to long as at the reunion there is only one bathroom and tons of people. PLEASE HELP!!!

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If you don't want to wear a face of full foundation, just try a concealer.

When I had only red marks to cover (not acne), I liked using Almay's Amazing lasting concealer. It really does last all day, so you don't have to worry about touching up. It's also smooth and it doesn't look cakey.

Just make sure you find the right shade and blend accordingly. Stipple the concealer on the red marks and blend lightly and quickly (it dries fast) around it. If you don't, you'll have patches of concealer that's noticable. Make sure you check your make-up job in natural light.

You can find the product at any drug store or Walmart.

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Guest fatallyours

Like the person before me said, concealer would be a good idea. Or a tinted moisturizer or really sheer foundation if you're comfortable with that. And overtop, Physicians Formula has this great green powder that helps hide redness, I buy it from Wal Mart but I'm sure they have it at Walgreens too (i'm Canadian so I never go there lol) It doesn't go on green, it's completely sheer and colourless once applied on the face. I don't know how bad your marks are, but if they are fairly dark, I would use concealer, then the green powder overtop, but if they are just mild to moderate, I would go with a light foundation just on those problem areas, and the corrector powder overtop.

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