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Can I get rid of red marks at same time?

Hi, can I just ask a question please about my red marks?

Okay, on my face, I have 2 spots, and about 15 red marks. Is it possible to get rid of red marks when still on BP?

I have found this product in Superdrug in England, which is specially for red marks, and can I use this along with my BP? Anyone help would be nice thanks.

P.S. I only use BP once a day, so could I use the red mark remover in the morning when I dont use my cream do you think?

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Guest Marino

You could always give it a shot, however in my experiance i've tried every over the counter product and lotion to deal with red marks and they do very little at best.

The only cure for them is deep exfloiation which is literally burning and peeling off layers of your skin.

I had glycolic peels [6 in total] and was very pleased with the results. They toned them down considerably [by about 60 percent] however i'm going for a stronger peel now [TCA] and of a much higher percentage to get rid of them for good.

I suggest if your red mark product doesn't work you should do a search in the scars/red mark forum of glycolic and TCA and wiegh up the pros and cons.

Peels can be great for pigmentation [irregular colour] but complications are possible, not to mention the down time and disruption to your regime [if you take to much time off them for chemical peels your acne could return- as did mine].

Good luck Mate!

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Get yourself completely clear on the regimen first, and make sure you've been clear for some time. Then add in 1 variable at a time.

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Well the thing is Dan I only have 1 active spot, and every 3 days or so I get another spot.

I have alot of red marks, they are slightly faded, but still visible, and, well, if they are all gone, Im clear.

I only use BP once a day anyway because I used BP a long time ago, and only have mild acne, so I might use some cream in the morning.

P.S. I dont use BP in the morning because my face is very red, and I look very blushed.

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