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How long to fade???

hi guys this is ny first post. I was on roaccutane for 5 months after having mild to moderate acne (i'm 17), it cleared up great with no scarring however i was experiencing those side effects of 'redness'. It is now 3 months after finishing and the redness and red marks are all pretty much gone except for a general 'pinkness'. I've never been on any other regimen and went completely natural when i was on roaccutane - i've just let time make the improvements. My question is how much longer will i have to wait to have no pinkness at all? i notice that in the morning my skin is beautifully clear and natural colour and it seems throughout the day when i do work or whatever i get this 'pinkness' (soz if this word is annoying everyone?).


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well since you said your skin is fine in the morning, your redness shouldnt be too bad. it should smoothe over within a couple months or so. just invest in a good mosturizer and sunscreen. i heard aveeno mosturizers work well. there is a redness relief mosturizer.

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the reason u notice more "pinkness" over the coarse of the day is probably because of the sun. during and after roaccutane ur skins pretty sensitive to the sun, and it will make ur pigmentation worse, so cover up.

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