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:( I dunno why

I started the reg back in feb/march, and up until the 5th month on it, I was fine. Then I started getting little bumps that wouldn't go away on my forehead, I have never really had small bumps there before. I gave the reg 4 more weeks for everything to try and clear again, but it just didn't, I still got pimples everyday other day.

despite what people and dan have said, I have not changed / or slacked off on the program. So I dunno why after about months of being clear, why my face would break out. I did have a change in birth control, maybe its a girl thing. I dunno.

But its not all bad news for me, I figured I should stop everything and let my face cool off, and so on, its was just red with irritation.

As soon as it was getting better, I just started washing with Clean & Clear black head scrub and spotting with 10% bp and I am about 95 % clear, I just still have all these little bumps on my forehead. I dunno what to do, I think maybe when I get some money I will go see my dematologist, since I haven't seen him in years, and he's always pretty much helped me. (I was on accutane before, and so on)

That's about it, I just felt I had to post this.


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I hate to say it, but it looks like it might just be time to try something else... BP has a tendancy to work great for some people, and then just stop several months later. Which is sad, because it sort of gives someone a taste of what life is like without acne, and then just kind of drops it all back onto your lap again...

Perhaps a regimen involiving Salicylic Acid would be a good thing to move on to? The little bumps in the skin are technically refered to as "milia". Exfoliation is good for removing them, which is why salicylic acid works so great against them.

Clean & Clear's "advantage" Acne Spot Treatment has worked great for me. It contains 2% salicylic acid, and you can apply it topically just as you would the BP. Someone recently asked me for advice for the little bumps like you have described, and I recommended them this product, and they had great results from it.

I also just put up an article about 5 minutes ago on my website about the Reversion acne control system, which is BP free and uses Salicylic Acid to treat acne, as well as an antibacterial cleanser. That might be of some use to you if you're looking for a whole new regimen/system to go on.

Here are some links to different pages on my website that might be of help to you:

The Reversion acne control system article:


The Clean & Clear SA product I mentioned:


The "Treatment Options" section (can be good if you just need some ideas on where to go next):


Not that I'm an expert or anything, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions you think I might be able to answer. smile.gif

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Can you describe your problem a little better or maybe post a pic? Also, is there anything that comes in contact with your forehead a lot that might be irritating it? Lastly, are you scrubbing it when you wash? 'Cuz I got tons of little bumps on my forehead back in the day when I scrubbed it too hard.

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Maybe this isn't the case for you but I had a lot of little bumps (size of a pinhead) on my forehead when I started taking Yasmin BC pills. I have since stopped taking BC pills and the little bumps went away-I tried BP, SA, etc. and nothing seemed to help when I was on the pills until I got off it. I hope this helps!

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