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Spreading the Word

I don't know if anyone has ever done anything like this or thought of doing it, but today I sent an email to my local news station and suggested they let people know about this website during their "health topic" segment. I am actually only just under 2 weeks into the regimen (still have some "bumps in the road" I'm sure), but I am already seeing some pretty nice beginning results.

Before the regimen, I would say at my worst point, I had roughly 30 pimples on my face (1/3 of them being the large, inflamed, painful ones you can't possibly hide). Right now, I have a few, some are still healing and I've gotten a couple of new ones- which I know is to be expected and I'm not stressing about them. To be honest, if someone told me this is as good as it could possibly get, I'd still be thrilled. I can deal with this. But I really believe this is going to work for me, as it has for a lot of others.

I'm almost at the point where I can wear just a little make-up. I've told my husband before that I would rather walk around completely naked in public, than go out in public with no foundation or cover-up. And I'm finally on my way to not having to hide behind a ton of make-up. smile.gif

I know I still have a ways to go on this regimen, but so far so good! And I'm really hoping the news station will check out this site and do a short segment about it. I wish I had known about this a LONG time ago, and I want to try to help other people get their hands on this info. too. Today, I overheard these two ladies in Eckerd talking about an acne wash and some herbal pills they were taking that weren't working, and you don't know how BAD I wanted to go right over and tell them all about this site, but I didn't want them to be offended! Then, of course, I felt bad because I didn't say anything.

But just thought I'd mention about the suggestion to the news station. Even if mine doesn't do a segment, some other station might. ~Lisa~

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Thanks Lisa. Your recommendation for the media holds a lot of weight coming from a user rather than from me, so I appreciate it.

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If the reg gets me the results I crave, I will definately be spreading the word.

If I can get the microbiology PhD I'm after, then hopefully people will listen too.

Two big 'ifs' there though lol.

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