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Best brush to apply mineral makeup?

I want to try out mineral makeup, but am unsure of what kind of brush to use. I currently have a very good bronzer brush I bought in walmart for a cheap amount, so I plan on buying the same brand. Basically I just want to know if I'll need a fluffy brush, medium sized brush, etc.

Also, if you have used mineral makeup before I'd love to hear your experiences/opinions.

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It will really depend on what type of coverage you prefer.

I like a light, natural, non-made up look, so I use a fluffy powder brush.

I have tried both a Bronzer/flat top & a Kabuki and both applied to much make-up for my liking.

If you use a sponge, it will provide even heavier coverage, more so if you dampen it (same with any brush).

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Mineral makeup is the best thing I've ever seen. I only wish I hadn't been forced to go through a huge allergy mess to discover it.

It is totally light and natural, and feels great, It comes in such sheer colors, it's so easy to find one that looks exactly right on you. I layer two shades and it's a pretty perfect match.

I think it's infinitely esay to apply and never needs touching up, I just blot ( I have oily skin) and it's good as new.

I found a kabuki brish at Target for under ten dollars. Not the greatest, but it'll do.

Also, let me give you some advice: Samples are essential. if a copany will not let you purchase samples, do not buy from them. One of the key benifits is the huge range of colors, due to the layering and mixing, and you can't do that without samples.

Veggie girl makes an excellent line of mineral makeup. I have purchased some from her and I love it ( the best colors I've seen by far!). She sells samples, very cheap, and is great about color and application advice. I have also used Aromaleigh, and was very happy with thier foundation colors, but thier eyeshadow and blush colors really sucked.

Try it. You won't be sorry.

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Guest TylerD

I use a sponge. Then again I have to because I need a thick layer to cover up my uglyness lol.

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