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acne sucks ass 87

im not sure what to do

okay well not everthing but it seems like it!

well now im on nuetrogena advanced solutions and i have seen some improvement, but thats just it! it seemed to just get rid of most of my white heads! and the over night stuff just really drys out my face! it doesnt really prevent or help rid my existing breakouts like it says! then i added a bp to my reg and then acne mark fading peel and i hardly see any improvement from either! iv tried the enternal clensing thing and nothing! so do you think i may need an antibiotic? if so can anyone tell me what might work best for someone who breaks out about everywhere on their face except their cheeks? so then when i go to the doc for the first time about it in a couple weeks i can ask about it! thanx! eusa_pray.gif

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youve never tried internal drugs? you havnt been anywhere near trying nearly everything to be honest.

go to a doctor and get a prescription of antibiotics combined with a topical retinoid. Its your first starting point and you wont getting anything more out of a doc than that. If you dont respond to antibiotics over a 6-12 month period you are looking at accutane.

dont let anyone tell you which antibiotic is best to start on other than your doc. they all work differently on each person. one mans meat is another mans poison n all that.

happy travels...

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