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a dude

minocycline and side effects

hey... maybe im crazy.... but sience ive been takind minocycline (100mg in the am 100mg in the pm) I have ben feeling a bit listless... not like im stoned or anything just a bit zapped... kinda out of it much more frequently than i used to be... i guess while we are on the topic of minocycline.. i was wondering has this cleared acne almost completely for anybody? (im cool with having a few pimples now and again) im on the following for am and pm: 100mg minocycline , finacea, clenia face wash, clenia emoliant cream, and 100mg vitamin c tablets (i heard they help heal red marks). does this plan sound like a winner to you guys? if so im cool with being a bit sleepy. what else would you suggest i do that is reasonable... ill take vitamins, drink teas, use face masks... try to modify my diet.. but my life cant revolve around acne ex: no crazy regimins.

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hey, yeh minocycline has helped me alot... it cleared me up pretty much... until i thought i was ok and then stopped.... but if u keep goin then u should be fine...

How bad is ur acne?... if its only mild id recomend a really gentle cleanser and then just to moisturise if u have to...

Drink some green tea... i have started for a couple of days and it has helped massively..

A good multi vitamin is good... u definatley need one of them...

Also have more vitamin C... i take at least 4000mg a day of it...

ummm Zinc is also good, but make sure u take it with meals otherwise it may cause u to feel sick for a couple of minutes (well thats from my experiences anyway).

Vitamin E is also great for healing existing pimples...

I have heard good things from selenim (or howeva u spell it) but i have neva tryed it..

so heres wat might be good if ur acne isnt too bad (mild - moderate)

Gentle Cleanser

Green Tea 2-4 cups a day

Good multivitamin (i use GNC)

Vitamin C (4000mg a day)

Vitamin E (500IU a day ) normally 1 tablet

Zinc (50mg daily)(take with food)

Biotin (healthy hair and skin)

And if ur really desperate and just want ever single pimple gone from ur body for a little bit... then id use Vitamin A... but i warn u that u definatly will have an initial outbreak and it may last as long as a couple of months before u start seeing results (worse before getting better).... Just a thought..lol

Ohh and also have u heard of hamilton products?... well i use alot of them and they r really gentle... best ones i have had...

I use their cleanser and sunscreen... u know how some sunscrens make ur pimples stand out more? well this doesnt make a difference its great!... and it is SPF 30+ and also moisturises...

Good luck wink.gif hope u found this helpful biggrin.gif

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Lol, I was thinking that same thing when I was at work today. This is my second time on minocycline and in work today I felt a bit "zapped" and couldn't help but think that it's the mino that is responsible. So in response to your questiion, yes I do think it can be the mino.

Minocycline worked a few months in the past for me but then it came back. It just depends on the person I guess. I had moderate/mild acne and it didn't work. But like I said, it all depends...

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i was left on minocin for 7 years by accident and it totally messed up my skin and im now on roacutane!!! dont do it!!!

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