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my "rant" on my experience with acne

well, i've had acne ever since about 13, and i'm 17 now. i've tried every over the counter method, and none really worked.. or they did and i would get bad side effects like purple scars, or dry skin.. so i didn't really think they were worth it. for awhile i just did nothing about my acne, and it got pretty bad.

so, one day i said to myself: i must find a solution. after a few "tests" i've noticed no matter what any doctor/etc says, most (about 85%) of my acne is triggered by certain foods. for a week straight i stayed away from greasy foods, peanut butter, mayonaise, chocolate, and so on. i ate basically salad for that whole week. during that week, i had developed two very small pimples, compared to my old pimples that use to be pretty big, and annoying. i'd say all in all, my old acne problem was mild to moderate.

after that test i thought that i needed something to clean my face with, the first thing i tried was the dove cleansing cloths, and so far.. they help out a bit. my acne is now down to a very low state, thanks to the cleansers and me avoiding the foods that trigger my acne. well.. that is all i have to say. i'm just wondering if anybody else is like me, and thinks acne medication is annoying, and certain foods are evil :)

or, just comment on my experience, i respect opinions. good or bad!

note: i still eat healthy, i just try my hardest to stay away from the foods that trigger my acne. i've also noticed my brothers have the same problem, if they eat certain foods, they start to break out just like myself.

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