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BP + SA without moisturizer!

Ok here is the deal. I am 16 and have had mild acen from about 13. sad.gif I was living with it for a a number of year but recently after I began shaving my acne turned from mild to moderate boardering on severe. I put up with that for a while before I had enoguh and saw my doctor who prescribed me Minocycline 50mg. This drug has worked wonder for me so far and I am now back to being milder than I was several years ago but of course I wan to be 100% clear. I am still on Mino and with a month left I have realised that I need to do soemthing else to get fully clear and thanks to this site I learned of Bezoyl Peroxide.

Anyway, my point. I have been on BP 2.5% for a week now and am seeing some results biggrin.gif I have used SA since I began Mino and have grown to like it so I have been washing my afce with a 2% SA wash each night and then waiting a few hours to appy the BP before bed (to avoid chemical burn). The fact is though that I have always hated the way moisturizer made my skin feel so I have continued not to use it even after I have started this SA + BP regime. So far the only side efffect I experience is the inital burnign when I apply the BP each night but toher than that I am perfectly fine and my skin pretty much feels the same way - the way I like it.

Question: Will combining SA and BP without moisturizer have consequences apart from the dry skin which does not bother me.

Many thanks for your help. biggrin.gif

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Well, I think you should moisturize a bit anyway..

It's great that the combination of the 2 doen't make your skin irritate, but in the long run maybe u will find that it's a little bit over drying..

What I suggest u is going on with your regimen because is working great for u, but at least once a day u should moisturize.

Find a non-comedogenic moisturizer, oil free, light texture and you're done eusa_angel.gif

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