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V-beam updates anyone?

A few people here had v-beam some time back, some of which caused bruising and I would seriously appreciate hearing how anyone’s results turned out in the end. I’d love to know how RHS7787 got on after the high setting and bruising she experienced. I do hope everything worked out ok! Hopingforthebest seemed to be having nice results with no bruising but didn’t post anymore since April when about to undergo her third session. I was curious how Dave666 got on after some bad bruising but he hasn’t posted in ages. I’m really hoping that people just moved on and were happy with their results otherwise I’d be worried that maybe things may not have turned out so well. SICKOFTHIS31 posted that she had some bruising for a week with VLS laser which she said is like v-beam but if I read correctly she thought it may have led to some fat loss in one cheek where bruising occurred after more aggressive treatment in that area. Has anyone else had a certain amount of fat loss after bruising and how long did it take for the bruising to completely go away for those who had a fairly aggressive treatment and setting?

How about pigmentation problems if any too? I would be flying a 4-5 hr trip for v-beam and would rather suffer bruising etc so less treatments are necessary despite looking like a monster in public having to fly 3 trips for 3 sessions at most preferably. Being a pale olive complexion this could pose a problem with the aggressive treatments I would need but I can’t stand the veiny redness anymore!!! I’m hoping another kind of laser could deal with brown pigmentation problems if they arise. My poor partner would accompany me for moral support bless him :wub:.

Thanks so much anyone.

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