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help me plz accutane finishing :/

well, im on month 8,the last, tane, 40mg, im 60 kilograms

i still have lots of redmarks.. and they're a bit deep, but just a bit...

do they become normal with time?

how long does it take?

cuz my derm said i wont need pelling or any other thing.. just time..

and i have about 4 pimples on my face, right side only, do you think its normal to have it on the last month of tane?

does it mean that pimples will come back?


curiosity :

how much does a month supply of 40mg tane costs in US?

how much does a visit to a derm cost for acne just to prescript.. with no insurance.. ?!

thank you very much

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Hmm.. actually for the near ending of ur course, u should be cleared. Only left with some red marks.

I personally dun think having new pimples or existing active pimples is normal nor good at near ending course. Given ur weight, the course should have met 125mg/kg. Perhaps u should ask ur derm?

If its not ur personal habit that causes them, like cleanliness, i think u shld ask if its possible to extent the course by a little bit more.

Yup, red marks remain still. Some go after time, some dun, depending how serious and deep they were previously.

An average pimple would go juz about 1month or more. Cystic ones may have become scar, or take very long.

Perhaps u shld listen to ur doctor and give urself some time.

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Try visiting the scar or redmark forum. Note that any harsh scar/redmark removal procedures such as peeling should not be attempted until atleast 6 months after you finish your course of accutane.

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