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a little history of me. i'm 20 this yr and started having serious problems with my face when i was 14 or so. seriously, acne has been so bad for me that i sometimes feel inferior or ugly whenever i meet ppl. i've tried so many types of medication and treatments. i went on antibiotics for abt 3 times, went on nimegen for a mth, and even surface laser treatments.

nimegen and the laser treatments worked for me, but it also dried out my skin and caused my eczema to flare up. changing an environment caused my skin to worsen (i moved to australia recently for studies).

i've always been using bp gel (panoxyl 2.5%) coz my friends were saying that it's good and helps kill bacteria, and also a gentle cleanser (paula's choice, for normal-dry skin). but i think the problem was that i keep on trying and adding new products, so it got a little complicated and heavy for my skin...

i'm now cutting back on the items that i'm using, hopefully it'll work this round.

products that i'm using now:

1) paula's choice cleanser for normal-dry skin (this is really good and gentle)

2) panoxyl 2.5% bp gel (i just ordered dan's bp gel... hopefully his is better coz i don't really like panoxyl... gives me the whites, balls up and smells of alcohol)

3) fancl day lotion (a light basic moisturizer)

4) paula's choice skin recovery moisturizer (in addition to fancl, IF my skin is still dry and tight)

4) hope's relief cream for eczema

yesterday, 6th august, was the 1st day i got myself onto the regimen again (i've tried it before, but gave up after a while... coz i was using neutrogena bp.. balled up too much).

skin was tight and red after applying bp. moisturizer fixed the tightness, but skin was still red and blotchy. so is today's condition... shall see how it goes tonight

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Hi Daphn3,

Good luck smile.gif I just started the regimen a week ago (today is day 7 for me) and really all I have left is the light 'scarring' that is supposed to go away after a while. I have been using the proactiv 2.5% BP, and am waiting for DAn's BP to come in the post - hopefully it soaks into my skin even better, proactiv takes forever it seems.

Just do regimen exactly, and very gently - nothing extra and only twce a day, and you will see results... even if you ahve to ignore stuff you would normally obssess over like me!! I have had a hard time not picking at my face, but I think I'm over that now tongue.gif

I hope you see results very soon, and if not, jsut keep it up, it seems it helps everyone, just at different speeds!

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Hi Mamu,

thanks for the note. Today is day 3 for me already... it's a little hard for me to follow the regimen completely coz i've got eczema to battle as well... urgh... it's so darn irritating...

i've already got patches of eczema on my face, dry, scaly and itchy.. and the bp is making it worse...


I think i backtracked a little... I couldn't resist picking at one of my zits... it was just waving 'hi' to me with a little head and pus... i rinsed my face with water again after picking at it, and applied BP to kill the bacteria... am i doing it the right way? or i shld use cleanser again?

Another qn i have is that, do we really have to wait for the 10 min before applying moisturizer and bp? it's winter over here, and the air is so dry...

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