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Will this work? Please Reply....

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hey, i have been on minocycline for almost a year now, 100 mg a day, which is a pill in the morning and a pill at night,, ,,,,, what pisses me off is that i am still getting outbreaks and i am 18 years old on medication and also the regimen for about 7 months now,, my question is that what if i took 4 pills of minocycline a day which would be 200 mg,, would that a make any difference in getting zits and creating oil at all or would it be too much for the body or what? i am willing to try anything new cause i am totally fed up with acne..

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Please chill out a moment. I'm 29. I win...been at it longer. Fed up? There should be a thread somewhere just for insane ranting. We all hate it, that's why we support each other here. :D

Don't mess w/ your medication unless you prescribed it to yourself, Doctor. [-X

I HATED antibiotics and I've taken all of them. Did you know prolonged use can turn your teeth grey? a year is a while....how's your stomach bacteria?

Why isn't the reg working? Is your skin too irritated? Have yoiu considered that it could be a hormonal flux? And lastly, if you aren't satisified w/ the results of your treament w/ your derm....get a 2nd opinion.

Antibiotics have no influence on sebum production.

it's gonna be ok. :)


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Talk to your doc about upping the dose by all means but I wouldn't just start taking more... I'm on 100mg of mino a day, one capsule a day tho and it's worked nicely along with the regimen.

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