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Guest frogprince

Need Some Input On Peels

Guest frogprince

After the fact so many people here are doing peels, I have decided to do a homepeel myself.

I narrowed down my choices to either:

12.5% TCA Peel

25% TCA Peel


A Peel (Retinoic Acid Peel)

I am currently on SuperCopX2 for almost a month and I have not seen any difference. From experience, my skin is the very very stubborn type and doesn't react much. I guess it is too early to see a difference, but I still feel that my skin can take more.

Somebody recommended that I take a TCA Peel. Which I am about to do.

I have heard that I should start slow, with a 12.5 %. I also heard that 25% isn't that bad to start with either. I feel that my skin will tolerate it fine. The thing is, I am not applying it on my entire face. I am only applying it certain areas - primarily my cheeks. My scars and blemishes aren't that bad, but they've been there for many months. My complexion isn't exactly nice and smooth though. Do guys think that I could just jump to the 25%? Thanks.

Lastly, I also heard that once I apply it, I will probably peel in a week. Is this so?

I am going to order mine from bettercomplexions.com. (anybody else with better recommendations?)

Also, is Retinoic Acid stronger that than the TCA Peel? I want to go for the stronger one. I am also considering getting the A-peel.


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