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Clearlight w/Levulan & Extreme Redness

Hi there...

This is my first post...

I just had Clearlight w/ Levulan on Friday morning. I'm super-red and it does seem to follow where the Levulan was applied. I'm just a bit concerned because I didn't expect to have so much down time. I'm guessing I won't be able to go out for another 4 or 5 days. Is this normal? I look like an apple. I'm icing and using hydrocordisone cream. Plus, my red marks from old acne spots seem worse. I'm just curious about experiences with Clearlight and Levulan, especially in fair-skinned and older (30's) patients. Thank you!

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Hi back too!

I don't know about Clearlight w/ Levulan but I did Blu-U w/ Levulan (ALA PDT).

I was not red immediately after the treatment, and it was a few hours later that very night that I began getting really red (but it could also have been the weather as it was really hot and that I had curry too, to top it all off!).

The next morning I got up salmon pink and my face was itching and by afternoon it was definitely red again. The redness was also where the Levulan was applied. It darkened by the next day and pretty much kept darkening (as my skin dried and tightened) till it peeled off.

As for my red marks/active acne, I noticed that it appeared ALOT darker too and as the skin died, it formed these hard brown layer of dead skin that I described as 'scabs' for they really resembled them. But not to worry, you'll look at lot better when the time comes for it to peel off.

I hope someone who has done Clearlight w/ Levulan would be better at helping you out. But you can always check out the following thread:

ALA Photodynamic Light Therapy: Better Than Accutane?.

I started posting my experience with Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) from page 10 on, and recently, someone (username: cherie) who did Intense Pulse Light (IPL) w/ Levulan began posting too. I am not sure how the Clearlight procedure is, but maybe either PDT or IPL may be similar enough for you to draw inferences?

Take care and good luck!

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