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My entire teenage life and 20's I tried everything in the market even antibiotic medication. I've been using Dove for over a year now and it has been the best for my face and body acne. A lot of people in the forums I've read that they havn't had a good experience with Dove. Maybe you're using it the wrong way. Here are some suggestions that I can give you from my own personal experience.

1. While taking a shower leave the (Regular Dove), not sensitive or moisturizer type of Dove, those types lead to breakout "I know because I've tried it". Massage Dove on your face and leave it on for about 5 minutes or more as you're washing the rest of your body.

2. Wash your body as well with (Dove Regular). After you wash off the soap with water try using (ST. Ives Apricot Scrup, Invigorating, for all skin types) everyday, or every other day it will not damage your skin unless you have very sensitive skin and rub too hard. If you have combination skin try using the apricot scrup everyother day, and if you feel that you need to scrub again the next day do it. Try using the scrub for the face as well as on your back, although it does not say to use it on your back, it works. This scrub is unique, it's not oily, it's remove old epithelial cells on your back as well as your face. It leaves it feeling smooth, not oily, and refreshed. Touch your skin after you bathe, it leaves it very smooth, that smooth feeling is your new skin cells. It cleared up my skin. And my back doesn't hurt anymore after I bathe. It's smoother, and hurtless.

3. Apply an oil free mosturizer: Olay (complete all day moisture lotion UV defense) I used for sensitive skin type, or any other is fine as long as it's not oily. It's a very thin type of moisturizer it makes your skin glow, but it doesn't make it oily either. Very refreshing moisturizer. $9-10 worth it. Small bottle lasts a long time. Use a very small amount and spread evenly. The back of the bottle says that it won't clog pores, Aloe light non-greasy formula. No fragrance. Antioxidant VIT E, with SPF 15 all in one. Sold at walgreens or any other drug store.

Other suggestions:

1. You should also buy (Clean & Clear Oil absorbing Sheets) Instantly removes excess oil. Won't smudge makeup. For men and women. It's great only $4.00 at Walgreens. Keep it in your car, purse, wallet. You can see all the oil being absorbed on the small blue sheets. Use it after sweaty situations. Works like wonders.

2. Never leave your house without SPF. Remember you can buy the moisturizer with the SPF. If you can try buying it with a higher SPF, even better. This message go's out to all men as well.

3. Don't over clean your face for it can irritate it, over dry it, and make it break out even more. In the morning wash it with (dove and apricot scrub), but at night if you're taking another shower only wash your face with (Dove, no scrub)

Keep in mind that you can only scrub once a day or once every other day.

4. Don't pick on your face, Bad, Bad, Nasty habit. Your hands have bacteria that can only make your face and back worse, dirty, and create new pimples. I used to do that until I trained myself. Now I stopped getting pimples and ugly scars on my face, chest and back. Now I naturally catch myself just resting my hand on my chin and immediately remove them. Wash your hands often especially when you feel you're hands are dirty or you're going to pluck your eyebrows or even squeeze a zit. Also, try to use an ear piece when talking on the phone. Do not press the phone against your cheeks. Try cleaning the house phone or cell phone with alcohol and a clean rag.

5. If you need to remove a zit, rip the top layer skin with your finger nail, without squeezing you'll see the puss come right out. Your skin won't turn red. Nice trick!!!

Then apply (Neutrogena On the spot Acne treatment Vanishing formula.) $4.00. Do not spread the lotion all over your face only on the pimple, because it's purpose is to dry out the pimple not your entire face. It's work wonderfully.

6. Steam your face with Boiled salt & water, put a towel over your head. I tried it yesturday and I literally felt my skin and pores opening up, I was astouned at the sensation. It was so amazing. Make sure you sweat it out.

1. Try steam first (25 mins)

2. Take a shower (scrub only, no soap)

3. Apply mask (by Olay daily facials intensives, Deep cleansing clay mask) $5-9, not sure about the price. It draws out excess oil and dirt for healthy looking, vibrant skin. (leave on for 5 mins. or until dry) 2-3 a week.

4. Apply moisturizer, bam! your skin looks and feels like new.

P S. Steam 2-3 a week. You can also run on the treadmill and sweat, the salt is what clears up your skin. Either you run or you steam. Steam I believe is the best, since you can sweat faster and you can really feel your pores expanding as the salt kills the bacteria.

TRUST ME!!! Reply and tell me if you've tried everything. It's all so worth the try and money. These products last a long time. and not expensive. Buy all the products at Walgreens, CVS or any other drug store.

God bless all of you!

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what u mean with You can also run on the treadmill and sweat, the salt is what clears up your skin??

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I have mild chest and back acne, it usually goes away pretty quick though. I can't figure out why face acne stays longer than body acne. confused.gif

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