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Puberty and Development- How Different

I've had acne in varying moderations since I was 11 or 12. I'm now 20 and have been clearing consitently since around Christmas. My question is: how much was my growth as a person affected by all this. By most people's standards I'm an adult now but the transition from child to adult was marred by this condition.

One on hand I went through all the normal teenage phases; wierd fashion, ear piercing, binge drinking, drugs, hard drugs, had a good job, decent friends, reasonable grades and I've had girlfriends and lost my virginity at a normal age. I've led a pretty bog standard teenage life. I've lived abroad, released a pop single from a successful band and left home at 18.

But yet I feel I've lost something, like my development was stunted in some way by having to do all these things in spite of my acne. Somehow none of it seems enough, like it's still holding me back from doing more. Does anybody else feel like this?

Actually this would be a good place to document your acheivements and breif bios- I'm interested to see the ways in which people's lives have been affected by this condition.


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OK- well my life seems pretty similar to yours so far except I still live with my parents (i'm only just 17 by the way). I guess everything that has happenned to me has been pretty average except that ever since my skin cleared up a few months ago now i feel so much more relaxed and positive all the time. It's like i still do the same things that i always did when i had bad skin, only i enjoy doing them soooo much more. So, I agree with what you're saying really.

For instance, before i'd go to a party and dance and stuff but my skin would be like this big black cloud hovering over me all the time ruining my fun and making me feel very self conscious.

But now i just love everyday because i know how much i would have given to be in the situation that i'm in now a few months back. It's like i can just sit back and enjoy the ride now without feeling out of controll and shit.

The world seems so much more inspiring and exciting for me now, whilst before i used to find it so scary and intimidating.I look forward to the future so much now.

I really can't believe how much influence acne can have on every aspect of your life. All i can say that i gained from having acne is that i never judge someone on appearence anymore when i know that without even realising it, i used to. I can empathise with people sooo much more.

Experiencing acne still makes me feel very vulnerable though, like one minute you can be enjoying you life, then-bang- something comes along and ruins it all for you.

But then, i think that is something that everyone has to realise at some point. You have to live for the moment- shit could get even worse then having acne anyway...

Cool post though! cool.gif

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