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well, i turned 14 a few weeks ago, and after 10 and a half months, im happy to say that MY ACNE IS ALMOST GONE!!! eusa_dance.gif i used to never wash my face.. just the normal shower at night. my skin was FLAWLESS. no, seriously. then, i got about 5 zits right before our grad photos. good thing my skin still looked flawless in the pic; and no makeup whatsoever biggrin.gif haha, well anyway, i'm a jock/nerd/popular kid at school.. weird combo lol, but that's who i am tongue.gif there were only about 4 sports happening around at school, so it wasn't that hectic yet, and there wasn't much homework. but my acne started to worsen. and i was on this regimen already. i reeeallly don't know what went on. by the end of the year, BAM! acne at it's worst! ALL OVER MY FOREHEAD! and it was on grad day, too. good thing i went to a pro to get my makeup done. IT WAS HORRIBLE.. i felt so ugly that i didn't feel like going outside much anymore. acne. it sucks. everyone used to say i was "hot", and all of the sudden i hear some guys calling me "ugly". i felt mortified. then, i went on Proactiv once school was over. it worked for a month. it made my severe acne into mild acne. then the progress slowed down.. i got kinda discouraged (and btw, this was 3 days ago!). then i came to this site, and found delna's regimen! <-- (CLICK THAT NOW!) i used the proactiv cleanser and lotion in this regimen, and followed EVERY SINGLE THING she said her aesthetician said to do. from 15+ zits and a LOT of dark red scars/marks, to only 4 zits!! AND MY SCARS ARE ALMOST TOTALLY GONE! i'm a believer!! try it!!!! biggrin.gif

oh, and i'll post my pic once this acne is gone. i have a before pic, so you'll see the difference!

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ooh, guess what?! down to 1 pimple!!yesssss! now all i need to do is get rid of these scars (which have practically vanished) biggrin.gif

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