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Breakout today :(

Dammit I just broke out dismornig.

I don't have spots on my chin or forhead and now i have these little white bubbles, there smaller then white heads. But just little white things. They come off really easily.

Anyway i also have red marks where i have been using this clearsel 3day rapid action crap.

Anyway today im just goign to eat : Apples, Rasins and bannans and drink alot of water.

Is that healthy just to eat fruit in a day, without any meat etc. Also not many peopel say bananas aren't good for acne? r they?

Also last question i have these packs of frozen veg that you microwave, they help the same as fresh veg don't they?

Cheers for help, good day biggrin.gif

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Guest Dwight_Sheila69

You could have some milia. And maybe just one day of fruit isnt too bad, but I wouldnt make it a habbit. The body needs carbs, proteins etc... its bad to just give your body one and not the other. You should atleast try and eat some bread.

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As I said many times meat/dairy is what caused my acne and so I havn't ate them in 5 months. So I don't think not eating meat for 1 day would do anything bad to you. I honestly believe that no type of fruit or vegetable causes acne. That's all I pretty much on everyday and I haven't seen a pimple in 3 months. As for bananas, there are some days I eat up to 5.

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