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My Shallow Scars


My shallow Scars on my cheeks are going! and i dont know what i am doing tongue.gif

Here is what i do tongue.gif


Cetaphil Clense (2% SA)

Glyco Peel

Baking Soda

Emu Oil

Morning: Most school days i dont wash my face tongue.gif Oly at night but on weekends I do

Cetaphil Cleanser (2% SA)

Baking Soda

Emu Oil

my skin is clear, sept for a few pimples that pop up every now ad then. Smooth Skin, really soft and my scars are like filling up!! I dont even know whats happeneing! But now all I have to do is get rid of these awfull Red marks!!

(Thats what to Baking Soda, Emu Oil and Glyco Peel Are going to do sooner. I have only just started using them)

So Yeh.

The Cetaphil Only was $10 but $8 extra for the SA to be added in to it.

The Emu Oil Was only $1.98

and the Glyco Peel was $30.

Brittany biggrin.gif

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Awesome! How old are these scars? If they are new do you think they could be just healing on their own? What percent Glycolic Peel are you using and you do it every night? Also where did you get the Emu Oil?


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There like 7 months old or older, and nah, because when i just started using it they seemed to be like filling up, so its somehting on this regimen, its 25% and i got it from the chemist for $30, John Plunkett even tone is the brand. I got it from Big w, its not pure emu oil, but its still working wink.gif

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