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Peeling And Flakyness

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Ive been using bp for a very long time with little effect but recently i got into the regimen and now put bp on twice a day and alot more of it. This is causing my face to peel and look like i came back from a 20 day trip in the carribean and couldnt afford sun screen. This has happened to me before i forgot what i was using to stop the peeling i just stopped using the product but this regimen thing is clearing my face up. right now i have almost clear skin but its looking bad now not becuase of the acne but becuase of the peeling.

I actually rubbed some of the peeling skin and now that part of my face is whiter then the rest of my face.

NE Ideas other then applying less bp or stopping becuase what i am doing now is working for the acne lol

ne answers are appreciated

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ok, first I am wondering if you started out slowly with a tiny amount of bp and gradually increased the amount. This really is the best way to get your skin acclimated to the bp. And also, what moisturizer are you using?

You may need to really lessen the amount of bp you are using, and sort of start over using a small amount and increasing gradually so your skin can get used to it.

Consider going back over the Regimen instructions and be sure you are doing it right.

Also how long have you been on?

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i started with alot becuase ive always used bp before (proactive, and everything duane reade has ever sold) i even use to use 10% before but yes im using the full finger and im using dans creame. (never put it on twice daily might be the problem)

lotion im using olay complete plus but just bought eucerin redness relief daily perfecting lotion tried it last night and my face was green when i woke up so i went to olay for the day, going to try it tonight again

Ive been doing this for a little over a week but am already seeing results as far as acne goes

Products i use:

Nuetrogena Extra Gentle Lotion

Dans Cream

Olay Complete Plus (switching to eucerin if i can get it on without turning into the hulk)

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before using the regimen i was on duac (prescription 5% bp and 1% clindamycin) and my face would peel all the time, even though i only used it every other day. One day my sis recommended i try olay moisturizer and i put it on. Five minutes later more peeling. "put more on" the more i put on the more peeling. Because of this i suggest using a different moisturizer. I use cetaphil LOTION. NOT CREAM. LOTION. It works great as i just started. Later on i plan to switch to eucerin but if you read what dan said he says to wait a few weeks to use eucerin because it has alpha hydroxy acids. Hence the greeness. Hope it helps, thanks,


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