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Brand moisturizer recommended for oily skin?

Should I use moisturizer? I use clearsil facewash followed by clearsil vanishing cream 10% BP. My derm said this is fine as long as I"m not over drying and that it will NOT cause wrinkling.

My face isnt really that dry, (in the summer anyway). What moisturizer do you recommend?

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yesh.....try Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel!

this is the best stuff. for a while, I had yearly searches trying to find a moisturizer that actually kept my skin hydrated w/o making me oily or breaking me out. This is the only one that has done it. The Banana Boat version is also the only brand that does it...the others are a bit drying.


haha...i love these smilies....dang, they're cool


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I use Shishedo oil-free moisturiser. This is the only moisturiser that i found that did last the whole day without getting oily. It smells wonderful, makes your skin so soft, and is good even if you have acne,blemishes, pimples (what ever you want to call the horrible big or little buggers!). I've tried generic brands and they just made my face feel so oily on the surface and still dry under the skin. This moisturiser will sink in and help balance out your the areas that need the moisture, without leaving your skin feeling greasy a couple hours later.

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