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over dosage of protein intake

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whenever i drink my protien drink i get a couple of acne when i wake up the next day,., is this coincidence or does it affect my skin really? my protein drink is 24 grams in a drink. pls reply with ur opinions. thx

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No, it's probably no coincidence. The protein shake you take is probably whey protein? Whey is just milk...with it's fat and sugar removed. This milk is pasteurized (destroyed). Humans are not really designed to drink the milk of other species. Your protein should ideally come from the flesh of grass-eating animals or the flesh of fish. This is the best protein for humans and other meat-eating species. We've evolved on it for millions of years...Your body most likely doesn't handle whey very well, or milk for that matter, especially pasteurized. I dropped it a while ago and now eat a lot of eggs, meat and some nuts for my protein.

Why don't you just drop it for a while and see how you do?

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hey what up, i work out 6 days a week, and i also drink protien everyday. What kind do u drink. there is a chance that there is something in it that may make ur hormones go up, and that will casue u to have a few break outs. I take procomplex and i havent had a problem, there is 55 grams of protein, with assential amino acids

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