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Jennifers Neo Log

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Ok, so i've had acne for 5 years now. Doesn't seem that long compared to some other people on this site, but to me its been far too long. I started off with just washing my face and then using one of those pads that has S.A on it. Kept me clear untill i really started breaking out. Then i started to wash and then use S.A gel stuff. That too stopped working. Then i discovered the wonderful 10% B.P Cream. It cleared my skin for about 3 months, so i gave my skin a break from everything except washing in morning and night. After about a month of being clear with out using anything, i broke out and i decided to start on 10% B.P again. To my surprise, i woke up the next morning with blood red, extremly irritated skin. It was the worst thing that ever happened. My eyes were basically swollen shut. I guessed that i was allergic to it. I obviously stopped using it. Then i picked up this neutrogena black head clearing scrub and some Neutrogena Rapic Clear acne eliminating gel. i washed with that and followed with the gel for a bout a month and i had clear skin again. I had ran out of both the gel and wash/scrub and they were both expensive so i decided i would just use some face wash i had left from before. Two weeks later i had acne again! Now ive had acne for about, hmm GEEZE 6 months. That alot longer then i actually think it to be. It seems like ALOt less time and it also seems like im just not doing waht im suposed to. But if i think about it i do everything i can and i never skip puttin the treatment gel on or anything, and i always think "just wait a week and your skin will be clear", but i always break out again and say "one more week".

im awfully desperate now, and idk what to do, so icame to this site and saw i think her name is Jessica..her log on neosporin. seemed to work for her and some others. i have nothing to lose except for my acne. So here i am posting this log, bcuz i think it will help me keep up with my lil regimen. feel free to post whatever you'd like.. tips or anything would be grrreat.!! maybe i'll post some pictures so you guys can see my progress, and so I can see it too.

My parents refuse to take me to a derm, so im stuck handling this by myself. I have to buy all the gels and creams and stuff for myself. my parents really dont help at all. in fact the just poke fun when they see how bad my face is getting. im 14 and when they say anything or give me funny looks it really hurts, bcuz its not like they are doing anything to help, and nothing really works anymore. so im praying to God that this will work. if not i guess im giving up. or begging for the derm.

Lets start with my face

Forehead: Countless red pimples and bumps.

Nose: COUNTLESS blackheads, and some pimples under the skin, that you can see as white bumps if i pull the skin tight.

Right Cheek; oh GOSH, like 5 DEEP pimples, cysts maybe? eusa_doh.gif

Left Cheek: hmm like one deep pimple. YAY

Chin/Mouth: 3 small whiteheads underneath my skin that you can only see if i pull my skin tight on upper lip. and a couple pimples around my mouth.

So, im going to get the neosporin cream tonight.

Last night i used the ointment, which your not supposed to use, but i kinda just wanted to see if it worked and they said its ok for spot treatment. So i put it on my worst spots and it made some of the pimples that were underneath my skin come to the surface which i see as a good thing. YAY. i really hope this works!!

School is also in like 4 days so hopefully i will be clear enough to look OK with makeup on. Wish me the best of luck.

Im gonna post some pictures as soon as my mom comes home with the camera.



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OK just got the cream. im gonna go remove my makeup and make sure my skin is all nice and clean; maybe take some pictures. and apply some of the neo cream. wish me luck!!

so i washed my face like normal, and i applied the cream. my face feels like perfect. its NOT heavy or anything. it doesnt feel like anything is on my face either.

so far so good.

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