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So months have passed by since I came to this site in dire need of help. My face is still far from perfect, but it's gotten way better. My chest and back however, seem to have gotten worse. I have so many light brown spots on my chest and back. I'm pretty sure it's hyperpigmentation, and I can't stand it. I go to the gym, and everyone I know tells me I have a sick body, but I never wanna take my shirt off because of these goddamned spots. It's almost like every single zit I get on my body will leave a mark, even if I don't pop them? Any suggestions? I eat pretty healthy, drink tons of water, take Zinc and Multivitamins, so I don't see what could be causing this. I wash my face with Pears soap, and it's done wonders. But neither that or Neutrogena body wash has been able to help. Also, I'm not a fan of Benzoyl, as it guarantees any zit I put it on to turn purple. Will tanning and a fading cream help? I would put pics up, but I uploaded pics in January, and it said I've exceeded the upload space amount.

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I hyperpigment on my back all the time. My doc prescribes Retin-A, plus I use a home microderm system sometimes. This helps a lot, but you have to give it time. Some hyperpigmentation can take up to two years to fade on its own. The Retin-A is meant to speed this up. He told me there are other measures to take if it doesn't seem to be fading, but I'm not sure what. The key is to prevent the new acne and hence the new hyperpigmentation so that after a year or so it's possible to look normal.

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