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Is this normal after 11 days (pic)?

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My story is quiet similar to Dan's: Im 30+, had acne on back which I got rid of by a Roaccutane (which I guess is the same as Accutane).

After that I almost always have had some minor acne in the face, varying in periods to completely free of acne to minor-moderate. Have tried a lot products, but none of them seemed to work.

In desperation I searched the web and came across this site. I was very sceptical if it would work with me - but decided to give it a try.

Over here (Scandinavia) we don't have the same products as you across the pond, but found a product called Basiron (with 5% BP). This product I remember, was adviced by a docter years ago as well - but I never used it thouroughly I guess. Also bought some very mild soap + moisturizer adviced by the aphotecarian...or whatever they are called redface.gif

The first week it seemed to work fine - skin was drying up (I have a very oily skin on chin/cheek), and old acne seemed to dry up quicker. Also the areas which were not affected stayed clean - and they still are, which at least is a good sign.

But after abt 10 days it got worse on my chin - both sides under mouth. The chin already had some acne as I started the treatment, but now it spread out more.

My problem is that it seems that it can spread from single acne: around this acne it seems to fill up with liquidish stuff. If I pop a pimple (I know I shouldnt eusa_naughty.gif ) there is very much liquid there and not much of those whiteheads(?), spreading acne as the luiquid spreads... if you get it...

Im following the CSR, watched the videos plenty of times. Im a bit lazy about the shaving though, but that has never affected my negativily earlier.

Is this normal? Anyone else experienced this?

Pic taken with blitz - similar on both sides.

Guess I just have to push on - but right now Im getting close to desperate: "Typical; this isn't working for me!"

If it works though, I will be very very very happy...



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Liquidy. Hmmm....

Are you sure these are pimples? If not, you might want to get them looked at by a dermatologist.

As far as them spreading, this is likely due to irritation. Every time you play with one of them you are irritating the skin around that area. Try to keep your skin untouched. Also, try to follow the regimen as strictly as you can. This means shaving daily, and using 2.5% bp, and an oil-free moisturizer specifically designed for the face.

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Yes, they are pimples. But there is usually some liquid-stuff forming underneath the pimple itself, kind of applying some pressure on the whitehead(?) itself.

I've had these "attacks" before - but suddenly the whole area is kind of drying up.

Actually it is better now than it was yesterday where whiteheads popped up by the hour...

Im considering ordering from shopinprivate.com just to get the "right" products - although I do belive my skin has no problem coping with 5% BP (Basiron is common over here).

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yep, stick with the Regimen as precisely as you can.

And, btw, welcome to the over-30-and-still-dealing-with-this-crap Club!


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Tnx Brandy and Dan. It at least helps to see I am not the only one out there 30+ with these problems  eusa_shhh.gif

Just ordered the recommended stuff from the US (shopinprivate) now...

Ah, believe it or not there are lots of us over-30's here! It's a sucky club to belong to, but at least we all got each other for support! biggrin.gif

And, btw, since you are new here I will tell you, I have been on the Regimen now for a little over 5 months, and it DOES work, clear clear clear. Hang in there and have patience and diligence!

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Hey there tooOld,

Very early on, I actually was in really good shape, I seemed to clear up a bit in the first two weeks, but I think in retrospect, I was just red and it was helping to hid all my existing spots wink.gif

I've definately struggled so far getting through the first two months, you can actually follow my progress in you want by reading my weekly reports which are all linked from this log. I hope like hell you don't struggle the way I have, but even if you do... try and make the comittment to get to 3 months. In all the reading I've done here, the 2 to 3 month is really where it's at. I think in particular for those of us a little older that has really been the case. Brandy is awesome to talk with as she's in our range and has already made it through.

FWIW... the best combination of products I've found are the following:

Purpose bar (thanks Brandy)

Dan's Gel, order a few to save on shipping.

Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF 15 day lotion for moisturizer.

The Skin Renewal is something I wish I had gone to on week 3 or 4, it's way better then what I was using.

Hang in there my friend!


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OK fellow-30 wink.gif

Read (most) of your log... extsensive stuff cool.gif and it seems like a struggle, but hope there is some progress now you are in week 8.

Some pics would be very nice though - but I understand if you don't have a camera or you don't want to show off too much on these boards - can't say Im proud of that pic above biggrin.gif

BTW, I've already ordered products from the US, and they shipped like 15min ago shock.gif So I'll switch to them as soon as they arrive...

Neutrogena On The Spot SF366-0578 4 5.99

Acne Treatment. - .75 oz.

Purpose Gentle Cleansing SF111-1764 3 3.49

Bar 6 oz.

Neutrogena Oil-Free SF144-9370 2 10.99

Moisturizer - 4 oz.

(the Eucerin Lotion - Intensive Moisturizer With SPF 15 - is discountinued)

Good luck matey!

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