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Dan's Regimen put me through hell!!

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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say first and foremost I came to this website in tears (boohoo) positive that I was the only one suffering with the enemy on my face (as I'm sure we all do). I came across Dan's Regimen after trying product after product ( I know everyone has the same story) and decided that this couldn't hurt.

After about a week I realized this regimen just isn't for everyone. My skin was absolutely traumatized! Red, burning, and dry. But than the strangest thing, my skin started to peel off my face. I burned my face off! Dark brown spots, light brown spots, I looked freakish and had the audacity to step out the house (yes, I heard the laughter)!

Anywho, I read a review about knockoffs for proactiv and decided to try one of em...Klear Action. I know what the hell was I thinking right. My skins falling off I'm breaking out and dropping massive amount of weight b/cus I stopped eating just about anything that would trigger acne according to the majority. I'm sure the guy at the counter was laughing in his head thinking I needed a miracle not a 20 dollar piece of crap. But I tried it anyway.

I'm Happy to say that I'm almost clear and the product took the peeling skin right off and evened out the skin tone. It hasn't even been a full week. I wasn't exactly sure how my face was suppose to recooperate or if it ever would (thats how bad it looked) but I use it as well as a 100% aloe vera to repair my damaged skin. In fact I'm beginning to think my skin has never looked better (knock on wood).

Thanks to Dan's Regimen it took off all my bad skin and gave me new glowing skin. It also got my skin adjusted to the BP so I had no initial break out with Klear Action. I'm sure those of you that aren't to sure can mix the regimens together.

Klear Action can be found at Walgreens and it is less harsh than Proactiv with a better smell. I can say that I've had more success with this than the real deal!

Thanks to Dan and all of you who have posted your advice and progress. A special Thanks to Jenny who introduced me to this product.

Good Luck! If I can find before and after Pics I'd be more than happy to post them.

P.S. Prayer is the only thing that kept me from digging my pimples out with a knife.

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Day 7

I just got rid of a nasty pimple on my chin...I only popped it once and than let the Klear Action and Aloe Vera gerl do the rest. Of course thier is a little darn spot that prolly won't go for another week or so.....hopefully another one won't form while that one is fading.

O and of course every women's wonderful time of the month will begin for me in two days!!! That means that I should have a nice FAT one planted somewhere convienently to wave at people as they walk by. Do yours ever talk?

Other than that everything else is still looking pretty good. I'm still red with occcasional flakes and sometimes if i don't talk for a long time when I open my mouth its real tight and dry. Do any of you ever see anyone struggling to talk because of dry redy itchy skin? No? I don't either. But were all suffering with something eh! Some of us just bare it on our skin.

Good Luck all! Keep ya updated...I need to be crystal clear by week 3. Any suggestions would be fantastico. eusa_boohoo.gif

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Aw man! So bp gel gets the shaft! wink.gif

I'm glad your skin got used to bp. It can suck for some people when they start on any bp product. Lookin' forward to following along.

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Hi there...Klear action and Dan's regimine were the ONLY two things EVER to clear me up.

I tried to do my own thing for a while and I broke up HORRIBLY. More than 30 zits on my face, so I broke down yesterday and went back to my almost finished kit of Klear Action. I have a whole new kit of it t unopened that I bought about two months ago and will break into that too when I finish the kit I'm using now. It really is good stuff ( as well as Dan's).

Good luck to you!

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