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Ok girls...has anyone else had a problem with being dry "down there" since you started accutane?? I never ever had that problem before, and it really sucks. I got some KY Jelly, and that works, but it's really annoying and my bf gets a little frustrated sometimes cause we always have to use the stupid ky, just wondering if any other girls have had this problem... ](*,)

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although i haven't had this problem, when i first started taking accutane i asked this question as well. a few people responded that they did experience dryness...everywhere.

maybe once your body gets used to the meds, the side effects won't be so bad. and if you're not already, take vitamin e every day to prevent drying and redness. this may help your problem, and you will probably notice a difference within a week or so.

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it makes sense. I never got very dry but my derm put me on a "pulse" dosing...40 mgs every other week.

Tell your man, being stressed out as to whether or not you're wet enough can dry you up too.

and tell him if he doesn't cut you some slack, when you are clear and feeling as beautiful as you are, you'll take your clear skin and moist hoo-hoo elsewhere!! jk

it'll pass, unless HE'S the prob.

there are ways he can help you stay more lubricated =P~ if you know =P~ what I mean =P~


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hahahah! thanks, yeah my man doesn't really bug me about it, I think he just kinda wonders if it's HIM ya know. But it's not :D I know that fo sho hehe!! Thanks for the responses, i'm off accutane in a month and half, so I'm hopin everything will go back to normal after that!

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