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Skin Lightening yeilds permanant results?

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hello everyone..im 23 and still have some active acne..not very much...maybe 3-4 that just come out sparatically...probably 1-2 a month...but my main problem is hyperpigmentation from past acne..


I have been using Avons Anew 2 step peel (10% glycolic) and I will be doing my second 30% glycolic this saturday...

but I was wondering if anyone had used any kind of skin lightening cream while doing glycolic peels.. and whether the lightening effects of the cream were permanant.?

by the way...the 10% glycolic seems to be working a little im not sure about the 30% though since ive only done it once =)

Also, my strategy so far in my battle against red/brown marks are exfoliation. I guess im looking for a way to upgrade my arsenal in this excrutiating war.

Thanks in advance for the input.

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ok so I found out that the results are not permanent...but still need advice about whether it is ok use when you are using peels...

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updated info :

results are not permanent...but the derm told me that once you stop..just remember to put on sunscreen and you'll keep those results...so i guess they are permanent..?...im very skeptical however...

yes you can use it with a glycolic peel.

btw: anyone try the Obagi Nu Derm system?

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