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Should I Tan? Honestly!

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Ok my acne scars are almost gone. None of them are dark and you cant really tell unless you are very close to me. But I've been using the vinegar method and it's been great. Only problem is that my face is really pale now. It took color away from my scars as well as my pigmentation on my entire face. I have alot of light acne scars and I'm pretty sure I won't have a acne disaster (knock on wood). I want to tan and and I have facial tanning lotion. My face is not sensitive to BP, the sun, or ultra violet lights.

And I don't buy the "tanning makes your scars more noticeable." Maybe for darker scars, but mine are really light and I'm positive that it'll give me a better complextion. Any suggestions people? What would you do in my position?

Thanks Y'all!

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I have no idea what to advise you but I'd love to get a tan myself (from real sunlight ) so if you do tan let me know how it goes for you....

Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and do it. I'll let you know how it goes. I can't think of anyway to get rid of these light scar marks. I dont think vinegar will help as much because my face is so pale already. And if I tan, and the tan fades away it'll go to my regular skin tone, which will be darker then the pale look from vinegar. I have no more acne so I know it isnt a good idea if you have current acne.

Im going to be using California Tan ILLUMINATE for facial tanning. I'll keep ya posted!

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Use a self tanner. I like Neutrogena's Self Tanner Foam. Its great stuff for the face and the body.

Tanning your face from the sun or a tanning bed (no way!!!) is not healthy. My mom just had basel cell carcinoma removed from her face and it was gross and the surgery was aweful! She now has a scar on her face where they removed a nice chunck of her face. :)

I know I still go to the pool cuz I love to swim and I get sun on my body but not on my face. I too don't want to age any faster and the sun will do that to you too. JMHO of course.

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Dear girls, boy do I agree with the above post on tanning, any tan you get to your skin is permanent damage, also if you say your skin is light and you don't have much pigment, that means you don't have any natural protection from the sun, at my age 48 I'm much more concerned with wrinkles, but I have also read that there is a lot more teenage skin cancer these days, the sun is your skin's worst enemy, enjoy the tan now and pay later, either with a face full of wrinkles and spots and or worse skin cancer! I've seen skin cancer too from the sun, not a pretty site.

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All things in moderation -

I've read that tanning is bad for you countless times yet I still go.

I go once a week for 10 min in a high-pressure bed. The good beds these days have different kinds of lights for the face and body (the ones for the face are not those long flourescent bulbs they used to use).

Anyway, I go once a week - I usually load up with antioxidants before and after I go (internally and externally) - and I like it. It gives me a little bit of color that lasts almost all week and makes me less likely to burn when I get regular direct sunlight.

I really don;t buy these "the sun is horrible for you" arguments. I mean people have been getting tons of direct sunlight for thousands of years. There's more to it than just sun exposure. Nevertheless discretion is warranted. I heard that after 20 min of direct sunlight all of the vit C is used up in your skin and then your skin begins to break down.

So my theory is get a moderate amount of sunlight and give your body the nutrients it needs to protect itself and you should be fine.

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I dunno, this one is kind of a double-edged sword. While studies have shown that people in sunnier climates tend to get more SKIN cancer, studies have also shown that people in sunnier climates tend to get LESS CANCER in general. Scientists are now starting to believe that exposure to the sun may actually help prevent some forms of cancer by naturally boosting the body's supply of Vitamin D. Sure, superficially, skin cancer is the most physically visible/unattractive cancer, but it's also one of the most curable. Think about it, had you rather have much more dangerous liver or prostate cancer just because no one can see it?

So, there are benefits to sun exposure and there are dangers. I'd rather just enjoy the sunshine and let the chips fall where they may. We're all likely to die of either heart disease or cancer eventually. It reminds me of the old joke "LIFE causes cancer". :)

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I am from Indonesia where the equator line devided the archipelago almost exactly in half :) The weather is hot and humid. The funny thing is, none of more than 500 tribes live in 13,677 scattered islands ever worship the sun :D Early civilization usually worship the Sun God (see Egypt or Sumeria), but not in Indonesia.

By tradition, people in Indonesia usually bring their newborn babies to 'sun bathing' between 7-8 am, but not after 9 am. They believe morning sun is healthy and will nourish our body and soul but not when the day starts to get hot. Hundreds of years before sunscreen was invented, Indonesian people knew that it is better to avoid sun exposure after 9 am. They will use hat, umbrella or whatever to cover themselves from the sun. Javanese women (from the island of Java) will put 'bedak dingin (cooling mask)' on their face everyday and 'lulur' (body mask) their entire body weekly, using rice flour, sandalwood powder, turmeric and other ingredients to smooth their skin, remove sun spots and reduce the tan. Unlike most women in the West who will do anything to remove wrinkle, Asian women worry more about sun spots. Interestingly, studies show that the first sign of aging for people in the west is wrinkle, while in the East (Asian), the first sign of aging is sun spots (hyperpigmentation). O:)

Yes, we need sun to nurture our body and for its natural vitamin D, too. But I think, it is wise to 'sense' when it is the best time to get sunlight. Depend on your area, maybe it is better to get some sun exposure before 10 am, or before 9 am in summer. And DEFINETElY, stay away from the sun when it is in its high peak between 12-4, or 11-5 in summer. I would rather live healthy, without liver or prostate cancer, and not skin cancer either :lol:

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Well............ I'm 18 and I dont have to worry about aging.  So I think I'm gonna go ahead and tan.

EVERYBODY has to worry about aging. (We're all getting older with every second that passes aren't we?). :)

Just take it easy - don't listen to the people that work at those places - they will try to get you to go way more often then you need to or should.

Everything in moderation - and remember to give your skin the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

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Great post Matahari!! My holistic healing book says to get some morning sun for its healing properties but to avoid the sun after 9 or 10 am. I am a night person so I don't usually get up until after noon so I go to the pool and swim after 4 or 5 pm so I don't get very much sun. I do feel better and look better with a little sun but I do not tan my face any more!

I think tanning beds are horrible, the FDA almost had them banned! Natural sunlight is best if you must tan but the self tanner is the safest way to go!

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i am just like you!!

but i use self tanner like all the time.. which i'm sure contributes to the oiliness, but isn't too bad. i went outside to get a tan.. i was so sick of applying the self tanner everyday.

and i'd talk to your derm. about it.

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