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Anyone out there have any advice on astringents? I've never used them before. Do they all tend to be excessively drying? I'm using Neutragena's blackhead eliminating astringent (2% SA & Glycolic Acid) and it 'seems' like my blackheads are significantly reduced--only accutane has had this strong an effect. It's a big problem for me because my blackheads don't 'naturally' wash out or go away, they just get bigger and bigger until they form giant whiteheads or zits. However, my skin is starting to feel dried out. Do these OTC astringents do more harm than good in the end?



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Astringents are absolutely ghastly, they made may face sting, go all red an blotchy, and thus caused my face to breakout out all over the shop, even my forehead, where i hardly ever get acne.

The culprit in question was clean and clear blackhead clearing astringent, horrible stuff!

However the clean and clean blackhead clearing scrub feels really creamy and mild when i rub it into my face, and for the majority of the time it successfully keeps my acne to a bare miniumum.

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yes i use the sensitive skin one but i use dto use the regular one but it smelt too strong. If ur sensitive u get that or u can get a extra gentle one by c&c called pore refining toner or sumthing like that.

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