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BEST & WORST Detox & Cleansing Regimens

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Hi All,

OK, so I know that some of you don't like how "strict" the diet route can be, and yeah sometimes it can be too "strict". From what I've read & observed on these boards, it seems that diet helps stopthe reactions (allows for partial healing), but it's not usually the cure (even if you do get 100% clear). To "cure" our acne (or certain health problems), we have to do cleansings, liver flushes, etc in order to let our body completely heal. By doing so, the food restrictions or avoidances can be reduced or possibly eliminated entirely (depends on the reason for your sensitivity). However, others don't feel comfortable doing certain procedures, such as fasts, colonics or enemas, so how about those members that have found success in this sort of thing, give up their regimens???

Also, for those that have had a negative reactions of sorts, i.e. Healing Crisis (fatigue, headaches) Rashes, Increased Acne or Body acne as a result. Please, share the product that "caused" it and/or how you managed to prevent it in the future.


Fast Protocol

Parasite Cleanse

Colon Cleanse / Fiber

Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

Candida Cleanse

Liver Flush (products used)

Healing Leaky Gut

Thanks so much! eusa_angel.gif

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Before reading this thread I was researching detox for the body. Read about taking hot steamy baths with baking soda and epsom salt... Could you give a description of what you have listed??

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sweejade - i tyhink sometimes u really have to experience the pain before u gain anything. i dont tjhink that the "Healing Crisis" stage is avoidable but the symptoms can be lessened. For example, the type of liver cleanse i will do will not need epsom salt.

My Liver Cleanse- no epsom salt. alternative: magnesium supplement http://www.askshelley.com/faq.php?p=default&cat=37#a13

Liver cleanse with epsom salt - http://www.toolsforhealing.com/CD/Articles...adderFlush.html

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i have been eating really well, fruit,veg,grains no wheat dairy,sugar ,ext.

and im on roaccutane anyway so i cant fast,and to be honet this doesnt appeal to me.

im happy with just eating well and see how that goes,i may do a colonic in future,but im open to ideas,i guess i will just have to see what is happening with my body.

other than acne i feel well.

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