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Does acne have to be severe in order to see a...

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I'm contemplating seeing a dermatologist for acne on my shoulders, chest, and upper arms, but I can't seriously decide whether or not to go since my acne is so not that severe at all... Should I feel like a fraud for seeing one when, really, it's pretty moderate? I've seen many pics of people here w/ much worse acne... What do y'all think? ...B/C I don't want to perform 'the regimen' of BP on those areas and deal w/ all that... Is a dermo typically really expensive along w/ medication? Would it be cheaper to just stock up on BP and rub that all over?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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you should try a few things first i think.. i also have body acne that isnt too bad.. it used to be pretty bad but now moderate in a few spots and other spots there barely anything.. im trying this out a product called natures care body acne.. i havent receieved it yet but im goign to give it a try.. heres a link to it if your interested


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An office visit will be from fifty bucks to several hundred depending on who you go to see. If you have half decent insurance, you probably just need to make a co-payment, but might need a referal from your primary depending on your insurance plan, but that's pretty easy to get.

You should *never* feel bad about seeing a derm, or any doctor for that matter if you have questions. That is what they are there for.


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