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Re Jessica Simpson and Proactive

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Jessica Simpson has trouble with her acne brands

by Ben Bold

Brand Republic 2 Aug 2005

LONDON - Jessica Simpson, the US singer and actor noted for her Christian views, has drawn fire for apparently switching allegiance from a drug that cured her of her acne to an over-the-counter brand, which she now happens to be promoting.

The celebrity, who is starring as the buxom Daisy in the forthcoming film version of 'The Dukes of Hazard', is the spokeswoman for US spot-blitzing brand ProActiv, not to be confused with the UK's Flora Proactiv.

Simpson claims that ProActiv cleared up her unsightly skin condition for which she used to be well known.

However, before endorsing the brand, Simpson had been quoted in the media saying that her spots were in fact cured by prescription drug Accutane.

Once she was signed up as ProActiv's spokesperson, she appears to have had a memory lapse, a side-effect not usually associated with either drug.

"I just had so much build-up and so many clogged pores that once I started using ProActiv Solution, my face was just shining," Simpson gushes on ProActiv's website. "I'm passionate about ProActiv because it worked for me and gave me so much confidence."

The site also describes Simpson as "refreshingly honest".

Simpson came to fame in the MTV series 'Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica'. On her website, Simpson tells users that Nick first kissed her while Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away' was playing, a song she has since covered.

Simpson is appearing alongside Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville who star as Bo Duke and Luke Duke respectively in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.

Last year Simpson was signed up to launch a cosmetics and beauty range in the UK in a bid to replicate the success of Jennifer Lopez as a global brand.

The 25-piece Dessert Beauty collection, was marketed as the first 'kissable and tasteable' fragrance and body care range.

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i remember seeing the proactiv commercial with her saying proactiv this and that. And i remmeber watching one of those hollywood shows where they were askin celebs about wat they do for their skin. Jessica said accutane and Nick said Dove.

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Guest TylerD

Van Damme was on accutane. K I lied but what if he was??

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