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Hey guys

Just curious to find out if anyone in the uk has tried this new product i keep seeing (really bad advertisement of a load of teenagers without acne using the product to leave them without acne...) on the television.

Anyone tried it?

The packaging looks very similar to (i think) the oxy range. I'm thinking it might just be the same thing. But has anyone used it...and results? any problems?

Cheers, hope you guys all doing well. My acne has got slightly better from the 15 spots a day. Im hoping its going to continue to get better, im at about 5 or so spots per day now.

..the war isnt over..keep fighting !!!

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Hi there,

I've used Nicam gel (which is exactly same ingredients as Freederm)

There is a huge thread about it somewhere - do a search.

If your acne is only mild-moderate, you could have some luck with it. The oxy range uses benzoyl peroxide, Freederm does not contain this. The active ingredient is Nicotinamide (a derivative of Niacin). It acts best on inflammatory spots, reducing swelling and redness.

Personally, I found it kept down the spots on my forehead, or those that did come up were not as big. Only problem was If I forgot to use it, even once, things would pop up quite quickly.

Its worth a try though - and you can get it cheaper on prescription.

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I use the prescription version of Freederm (called Nicam gel / 4% Nicotinamide) and it definitely helps. It comes in a 30g and 60g tube and has actually been around for ages - even over the counter (just not as freederm, and hasn't been advertised)

Ask your GP to prescribe the 60g tube and you'll save a fortune.

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ive been using it a month - 2 months now and it has definatley helped, my acne has gone alot, just got a few under skin spots and if i dnt wash or forget too then i dnt break out or nuffink, dont know why, but overall it has reduced my acne

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