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STRESS is a MAJOR issue!

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I once believed that stress was not a cause of acne, but now I know that for me it is. I did not start getting acne until a year and a half ago when my mother died. I had no idea the amount of stress I was under. I would refuse doctors excuse that stress causes acne, but a week ago my father told me that he is getting remarried in Sept. I was shocked and immediately stressed out. I was so tense that I could actually feel the break out coming on. My face and neck stung. I have tried several different ways to beat the acne. Now I am trying to beat the stress. I would suggest yoga or meditation. This has shown a difference for me.

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When my grandma died 5 yrs ago, I decided to "excoriate" my face for the funreal. Well, it's not like I decided, but the stress/grief overrode all other concepts. My face was clear before she passed, but by the time I had packed for Iowa that night, I looked like Freddy Kreuger between the breakout and the deranged emotional picking.

Some will tell you that a zit is weeks in forming. Whatever. I know different.

BTW I am a yoga teacher and am currently doing some personal research for yoga for your face. I'll start a thread when I've compiled and practiced the asanas.


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