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Glycolic Acid Cream - Can you make your own?

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I can't get hold of glycolic acid cream anywhere near me at a price that is affordable (in the UK) and I'm a bit reluctant to get anything over the internet because I can't test it first (it's taken me a long time and a lot of expense to work out which moisturisers etc suit my skin). It works out even more expensive as I have large areas that I need to apply it to (I want to use it for marks from acne on my face and folliculitis on my legs)

I have glycolic acid 30% which I use every week or so on my face. Is it possible to add some of this to my usual moisturiser? If so, how much? (I wanted an 8 or 10% cream) If not, is there a cream you'd recommend that goes a long way and doesn't cost too much?

Any advice about this, or recommendations for creams in the UK would be appreciated.

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Actually I was in a similar situation, I was trying to find glycolic acid cream but they didn't have the 10 % I needed for this particular regime. I thought about making some up cos I am a chemistry major at uni. The MSDS and common sense prevented me from doing this.

If you are already using the cream on your face though it has been formulated to be used on skin (right pH etc). Does it say anywhere on the box to limit your contact with the stuff or apply only once a week or whatever??

If not I don't see why you can't formulate your own 10 % stuff. Although if you already are using the stronger stuff I don't see how using the weaker stuff more often would help. Bear in mind it is an acid. But if your skin can already handle 30 % I guess it has adjusted.

Give it a go

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Thanks for replying. I use the glycolic acid as a peel normally - put it on for a couple of minutes, then nuetralise it with baking soda and wash off.

The glycolic cream is as a sort of 'maintenance' programme - to use every day without washing off. I assume the 30% glycolic acid I have would be OK used more frequently at a lower concentration, but I want to be sure as it's nasty stuff - and I'm not syre of the amounts to use.

If I can't, I'll probably try a salicylic acid wash instead, as I know I can get hold of that locally.

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I got mine, its not like a peel peel lol its like you put it on and wash it off, tongue.gif Heres the site ( i got mine from the chemist )


under Gylco Peel

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