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Accutane Question?????

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I am on my 11th day of Accutane, and I keep hearing bout these initial breakouts.. How long does it take till the average person has an initial breakout? My acne has improved a little but not much. My face is still kinda oily its only decreased a lil. I still get random cytz here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. So did I skip the initial breakout? My face hasnt really been peelinf and getting dry either I am on 20 Mg 2x a day. My eyes are dry and my lips are chapped... So when do I start seeing results?


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Typically, from what I’ve gathered since I’ve been posted here and from personal experience, the initial breakout can happen at any point from two weeks to six weeks on Accutane. This is for the majority. There are people who breakout during their entire treatment and there are the lucky few who never breakout at all.

For me, my skin increasingly got worse after two weeks and reached the height of it at my sixth week. It took months before I stopped breaking out but I never broke out as badly as I did during my sixth week.

My skin didn’t really get dry until the end of the second month and I quickly learned that the best thing in the world for your skin is to drink a lot of water.

The fact that your lips and eyes are dry is showing that the drug is having an effect on you. Use Aquaphor for your lips and try something like Natural Tears for your eyes. If you wear contacts, like me, wear your glasses as much as possible.

Good luck and I wish you clear skin and a complete lack of an initial breakout!

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