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Dannie, tell us exactly what is that you are using now, that way we can have a better idea of helping you. I noticed that your previous post was that use hibiclens and nothing else.

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sorry its cuz im tryin so hard to find something..and im the type that wants tot ry everything

for months i was using neatrogena combination cleanser,,,

the oilfree moisturizer and the sunscreen in the morning.

i would use ACV morning and night ..

the last 2 days i added the HIB,,the first day i used acv with it and got red patches

noe for 2 days i tried just HIB but im unsure of it,,,then im hearin i need to exfoliate,,,but my derm said to not use to much at once

and i prefer to use as less as possible but the ACV only does so much

so i was thinking of eucerin but scared cuz id be changin everything

so curious if anyone tried that...my acne isnt bad bad,,its mainly around my laugh lines durin my period or if i eat to much of something but my BC pilll is helpin im sure. i do have red scars too

thanks so much

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if you acne isn't bad, i would go easy on it. I know you wanted fast result but acne is very very stubborn. Too much exfoliation can aggraviate your acne more instead of helping. My suggestion is that drop the ACV. Use Hibclens twice a day, and incorporate benzoyl peroxide twice a day only to your troublesome area. If you find it dry then use any moisturizer you find that you like. Give it a good two weeks to noticed anything. I hope that helps and Good luck

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eucerin is to heavy u think?

see i havent use BP in alonggggg time....

does the hib not work alone??

i think i got used to ACV...i did hear it worked on someone id u use it alone but i was using water with it...when i started to try it alone i herd of HIB...

does hib help with scars too?

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