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Reversion acne control?

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It sounds pretty basic. I like the simplicity. I like the use of lactic acid - good stuff! Salicylic acid has never really done anything for me. Perhaps I have never given it enough of a chance. They have a money-back guarantee. I say, "go for it!" Why the $39.95 price tag, though? :-k It seems like they have priced themselves right at the Proactive level. They should have undercut Proactive on price IMO.

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I tried it for 1 month. It works about the same as benz peroxide. I am on accutane now but it might work better on someone with moderate acne.

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yeah, I must admit the "confidence in a bottle" thing is a little twisted.

after all, we joke about that w/ alcohol ie "liquid courage"

Nothing nothing nothing nothing can substitute for inner conviction.

Why do advertisers try to appeal to our most insecure, petty natures? Like all there is to an acne sufferer is vanity and the need to impress others. I only really care about how I feel in my skin.

I'd love a product called " THIS MIGHT HELP"

no lying :^o !!!! after all, any product might help...or not.


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