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Has anyone here had subscision and had good results ...

If so, how long after having it done should I see results? Is the raising of the scar instant or does it take some time to raise up with collagen regrowth underneath it?

Any info on this procedure would be appreciated as I'm hoping to get it done quite soon and would like to know the ins and outs of it before I take the plunge.

I have also decided on getting a filler after the subscision - is this a good idea?

Thanks to anyone who has replies.

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I have just read Bulldog's thread on his subscision and would really appreciate an outline of the procedure ... Bulldog if you come online could you share your experience and let me know what to expect realistically?


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Great thread - thanks so much. It did answer a heap of my questions and I think that this procedure will definately be my best option for starters.

Your improvement was amazing and very ressuring. God knows I don't want to get this done and make matters any worse.

I know you didn't get a filler injected after the subscision but in your opinion would you recommend it - or do you think improvement has been better with a laser treatment?

I'm very wary of laser and I'm hoping that the sub and filler will give me theimprovement I'm looking for. I'm not worried about red marks as my scars are very white, I just want these damn indentations removed.

Thanks again for the info and the pics - you must be ecstatic with your results =D>

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With subcision when the nokor needle cuts away the old scar tissue from underneath there is a decent chance that the scar tissue will reattach itself and this will drag the skin down making it look indented again. Fillers i heard may act as a barrier preventing the reattaching of the scar tissue.

I'd say it's a 50/50 procedure and don't expect more than 30-40% improvement first go but the more times you do it the better. I have heard some people, but not many, doing it coming out with bigger scars than when they came in.

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