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someone please answer this question about accutane

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I was on accutane for about a month, and then my liver enzymes were elvated. I had to stop, now I am going back on it and I need to know if there is anything I can do to protect my liver while taking accutane... things like milk thistle or something else. My doctors don't seem to know anything and roche the company behind accutane doesn't know anythihg about it. If anyone has proof or eveidence or some advice from there doctors please post it here. I am desperate.

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I dont know if this is helping me or not,

but i take one capsule of milk thistle, drink lots of water and drink detox teabags (clear ya liver out)

I will find out next fri when i ring up for my blood test results and let u know if all is okay. :)

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Well milk thistle can stop some medications from working or something like that. So I Did not want problems, is accutane working for you while your taking milk thistle. And did the doctor say it was ok that your taking this?

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Read my reply to - Accutane - NoseBleeds. It sums up my thought on the subeject. If you had elevated liver enzymes, then I wouldn't take a chance if I were you. Like I told the other person, unless it is so severe you can't cover it or bear to go out in public, then don't bother.

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I had another question... is anyone with severe acne taking accutane that is less then 50 mg dosage? or 60? and if you have please tell me how it was?

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