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On my forehead a bandaid, and honey underneath to eat away at the bacteria.

LOL I did the same thing about to days ago! Does it help you? I only did it one time but I think that it helped a little!

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I'm not sure about this. Sometimes it works really well but once I left BP gel on a pimple overnight and it left a horrible burn, like the red scaly thing someone was talking about before!

Other times it has stopped pimples in their tracks though. Go figure, I guess. tongue.gif

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Well, my mom she leaves Oxy-10 spots on any marks she has, and she says it goes away, but I'm not sure how I react to BP.

Right now I am using the Clearsil Ultra line... I wash my face with the regular cleanser (2% SA Non-Scrub) and use the 2% SA Pads maybe 10-15 min later in the morning and at night.

My skin seems to heal pretty well using this, its slow but I've noticed a definite improvement in my general face.

Sometimes though, I guess with bad shaving, I can get some honkers along my jaw sad.gif I try to do big spot treatment with BP and there is sometimes mixed results... sometimes it seems to make it stop swelling but others it turns into a big old head sad.gif

I have just read about this neosporin people seem to like, does that work well on larger pimples?

Right now, I'm being more careful with my shaving as to not irritate myself and I can see it clearing up since the last problem and hope my skin keeps healing in general ( my forehead and above where facial hair grows is really getting clearer than ever before with scars going away and new pimples not forming (though strangely, my nose went from really clearing up blackheads almost completely to some popping up lately... but my job is very sweaty and irritating so that may be why)

But do you think I should try going with the neosporin spot treatment on the big ones that seem to come up on my neck/ under jaw? I think that BP might irritate me. I remember trying Dan's regimine like three times and while initially it seemed to smooth things out the dryness I just couldn't take and I'd eventually just irritate it more I think.

Recently I've also dug out some old Proactiv Mask I had and I think that helps to clear up some scars too but not much left, can anyone recommend an alternative? or just use neosporin?

Oh and by the way your face is very cute wub.gifwink.gif Good luck on your treatment!

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Aww thank you very much for the compliment Jeffb. And as for Neosporin .. if you are going to use it, use it sparingly. And don't glob it on the zit. Otherwise you'll end up getting a rashy looking part of skin. But other than that, it did help my zits get smaller. So you might want to try. Good luck biggrin.gif

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