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So I did the neo thing and that was a real bad idea...left with lots of clogged pores. I know all the stuff in neo is non comengenic, but it does create a layer between your skin and the air. Those ingredients serve as an occlusive ("physical barrier") moisturizer all of which werent good for me. I suffer from clogged pores in the first place that can result into inflammed acne. I used neo for three weeks stopped on the 07-22-05. Since then I have been using good ol BP (Dans) and just recently added 1% SA gel in the mix (paulas choice).

Right now have 4 inflammed zits; two on right cheek, one on left cheek, and one on my forehead. Three are going down fast and one (right cheek) isnt doing so well. I also have lots of red marks on both cheeks, very few on forehead.

Bumps (clogged pores) on both cheeks and forehead, basically where I breakout at.

I applied SA lastnight after using BP for five days straight and my face got a little red. After SA dried I applied BP. I was scared at first for the irratation factor but it wasnt so bad.

Today my forehead bumps cleared up dramatically! In the past SA wasnt so good to me, but Im willing to give it the long go, 8 weeks to judge.



-Wash Purpose Bar

-Tone Witch Hazel

-Apply BP where needed



-Wash Puropse

-Apply SA

-Apply BP

-Moisturize (Aloe vera, complex 15, or neutrogena stuff)

I shave everyother day

Use Queen Helens Mint mask 2-3 a week

I may do the SA everyother night. I will see after tonight how my skin feels in the am after using SA two days in a row. I cant use it in the day as it makes me REAL shiny.




-Wash with Cetaphil

-Apply Newtrogen Clear Pore Astringent (2%SA)



-Scrub with St.Ives Medicated Scrub (2%SA)

-Apply Dans BP (2.5%)


Been using this since Sept 13. I like this much better.

Still having some breakouts

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I cant believe I am saying this after seeing it so many times and actually was begining to get annoyed with it....but you got to try the facial steaming.

I cant believe something so simple works the way it does.

I mention this because I believe that it will work espeacially well for clogged pores.

Whatever you do...great luck!

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Hey thanks. I was going to get my steam on when I got quasi used to the products I'm using now. Maybe the end of this weekend.

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SA is doing a real good job of clearing those darn clogged pores. Still not super great yet, but so far no complaints.

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Are you still doing the regimine you have outlined above?

I have beeen using C+C Blackhead scrub before my nightly application of BP Gel.

2% SA

I am going to have to get pictures.

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Yeah still using it. SA is doing well this time around so far. Neo sucks for my skin. 60% of those bumps are gone. Flare ups have decreased, and I have one active vistor left. Skin finally getting back to norm.

What do you do in the am?

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Everything seems to be going well with this. I have HAD a few breakouts since I started but things get better and better.

I wash with AloeGuard AM and PM (sometimes just with purpose bar) and apply SA once a day. I use BP on spots really and may do that for the first day they are there. I really dont use BP all that much, I never really like it.

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Good luck with your regimen! I've had wicked results with SA too, while BP made things worse, so I'm sure it'll work for you...give it a few weeks!

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Its been 31 days and along the way I've changed things...

I def had a purge at around the 2nd week into about now. It was bad and real tough to get through, but I did. Things are dying down a lot now, and my face feels a lot smoother. SO many of my whiteheads have cleared and the few cysts I get from time to time have gone.

I dropped Paulas Choice only because I dont really like to use topicals. During that time (the last two weeks) I wash with Clean & Clear blackhead scrub once a day at night, and Cetaphil in the am. No BP

Now, I still use the Scrub at night, and the Clean & Clear Foaming wash (2% SA) in the am. I've like what SA has done so far and decided to double dose it; am and pm. I do have some redmarks remaining but I really like the texture of my skin. I guess it really does take 8 weeks to see very good results (@ 4 1/2 weeks).

SA was never good to me in the past, maybe b/c I was using a lot of BP or didnt give it enough time, I really dont know...I'm happy I gave it a 4th chance.

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43 days

And about 5 days ago I added C&C BP (10%) cleanser...Things are going REAL WELL. I have one or two ex-active spots, almost no whiteheads, no blackheads (nose only, never a problem as they were small).

I use the cleanser after the C&C blackhead scrub in the PM. I leave it on for good bit. Its strong and I hate the menthol, but I its working soo much better than applying bp at night! Redmarks are fading.

This is exactly like Botchlas Reg, which I have tried twice with no success. Dont know why now...Maybe cause I gave SA a good go before adding other variables. I'm not a 100%, but a lot happier and still have some time left. Going for 8 weeks

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58th Day

Updated my reg. That C&C BP wash suxs. Its sooo harsh and non effective(stopped it on the 13th), however I still need BP in my reg, so.. Still having some breakouts.

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63 Day

I like my new reg better. Things are looking better not flawless yet, but def not troubled anymore.

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68th Day

Had a small set back (breakout). Started two days ago, three of them and now they are clearing, but it still sucks. Otherthan that my skin is doing/looking much better.

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Since reading Rae's log I've decided to use Neutrogena Clear Pore night time gel (2% SA). I was using a toner with SA but with lots of alc and my face has gotten pretty dry and bothered. I saw some results with using an SA wash, so I think by applying a topical I will have flawless skin.

Applied this stuff lastnight and it feels good going on. This morning skins redness was diminished.

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9 days

Missed one night this weekend. I like the Clear Pore stuff. As of right now I got some active acne. This is the worst its been since using Clear pore. Most of the active acne came from bumpys on my skin, so I'm pretty sure its the so called "purging." I cant wait to get past these next few days. Skin does not look so good.

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