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HELP- I use all of these and they dont work !

Biore - blemish fighting cleanser

Phisoderm - 5 minute masque

St Ives - Apricot Scrub


Phisoderm - q-tip

Bath and body - bio face blemish control gel

and then I also use Vita-k

And none of these are working for me.. I switch off everyday on what I use but I am still breaking out by my nose on the sides where its oily and i get like the big acne where its ingrown.....

I wash my face with warm-hot water then rinse with cold and blot dry.....

anyone recommend anything really powerful :)

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I switch off everyday on what I use  but I am still breaking out

The above quote states your entire problem. You need to stick with one consistent regimen at least until you discover what works and what doesn't. See a derm and tell him or her that you want to fight acne both internally and externally. You need to do several things: 1)kill acne bacteria which can be accomplished by using oral and topical antibiotics 2)keep the pores open and functioning normally which can be done with MILD exfoliation and retinoids like Differin gel 3)keep the proper moisture balance in the skin by not overdrying it; overly dry skin causes redness, itchiness and is a means by which infection can spread; think of your skin as a wall that keeps out invaders; dry, brittle, flaky skin isn't very good at keeping out infection and bacteria; acne products tend to take away the natural pH balance of the skin and make it dry; one of the best moisturizers that I've found that helps you keep that moisture balance is Eucerin Renewal for the face

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Well I think your first problem is that you're using too many products at once or in a weeks clip.

Second, as far as washes/cleansers go, you need to use them for at least a month. Don't switch on and off with 6 different cleansers, because one cleanser could be doing great for your skin, while at night when you use another one, it could be clogging up your pores, or ittitating your skin. All of this has to be taken into consideration.

After that being said....Pick one of your cleansers that you currently have and use it, just that one, twice a day, morning and night. After a month, if your skin has been slightly improved, with the size of pimples, blackheads, smoothness (sp?) etc.. then keep it up!. If you want to use two cleansers, like I do [i use Clinqiues Acne foming cleanser in the morning and Noxmema triple clean cleanser at night], use the second cleanser again for a month just by itself and see how it goes for you.

Thrid, as far as masks and srubs go, only use these once a week. And for spot treatments you can continue these, they won't upset your skin, unless you feel as thought the treatments are not really helping, or that it drying out your skin, etc.

Fourth, even though there are tons and tons and tons of ance cleansers, they really do not help. Let me tell you why. Most of these cleansers will a.) contain alchohol, which irritates and very badly dries out the skin b.) contain Salicylic Acid or BPO are a bunch of crap because after you massage in into your skin, you wash it off maybe like 30 seconds afterward, and none of the medication actually gets into your skin, it goes right down the drain!. Stick with cleansers that have antibacterial agents in them or something specialized for sensitive/normal skin types.

Hope I helped some! ~Nikki~

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Be nice to your skin! I used to have about 10 products in the cabinet and switched off an on... Not a good idea. Learn from someone who knows. The less you put on your face the better.

I use Aveeno acne cleanser and moisturizer in the morning and at night. It is mild and seems to have helped a lot. I have been using it for a month and a half.

Using one cleanser steadily for about a month is the only way you will know if it works.

Good Luck!


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I thought you were listing all the stuff you've tried in the last YEAR!!!

You don't want "powerful" , it's your face, not a car engine.

I do this: It's easy and I have had 10 small blemishes in the last 3 months.


Purpose facial cleanser

plexion cream - script. spot treat

md formulations facial cream as needed only


purpose facial cleaser

on-the spot bp...lots

I take Cilest bcp. and I use the Queen Helen mint julep mask as a spot treatment or full facial once a week.

EASY. and it's working.

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