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does marijuana have an effect on acne?

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does anyone know if marijuana has any negative effects on acne? I don't drink because many people here have said thats a cause for acne, but what about marijuana?

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How do you know? Marijuana hasn't made my life worse. Acne has. Though I try to stay away from the stuff when I'm badly broken out cause' alot of unhealthy thoughts starts to emerge around the subject in my head

That's the killer

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I suppose for some marijuana could make you break out; though, I really actually doubt it. You only smoke a little weed. While it does affect you, smoking one or two cigarrettes a day would affect you just the same.

I smoke on a daily basis (ok, not always, but when I do its daily) and it doesn't bother me at all. Drinking will make me breakout for a week or two afterwards.

Please, nobody bash me for smoking daily. I'm a 4th year honours student on the honour roll who is going to write his masters next year. Weed does ruin any more lives than alcohol or any other drug. Its the person not the drug. PS - i luv nascar, have you ever tried weed? if not, please stop bashing it, its ignorant.

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smoking cigs caused my cystic acne...along w eating too much dairy...its like smoking made me sensitive..i can not smoke any cigs to have clear skin...if i smoke i can not eat ANY DAIRY SUGAR WHEAT!!!!!!!!! I rather give up the smokes and be able to eat what i want in moderation

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